Tuition and Fees

Educational Cost Per Child
St. James School offers general tuition rates, discounted active St. James Church parishioner rate, and multi-student discount for siblings. Tuition is billed 10 months annually during the school year from August to May. St. James School uses FACTS for online tuition and school payment management. There is a FACTS annual processing fee of $30-$55. 
Kindergarten - 8th Grade
General Tuition Rate (2024-2025 school year/ August-May)

  Annual Biannual Monthly (10 payments)
1 student $6,650 $3,325 $665
2 students $12,535 $6,267 $1,253
3 students $18,075 $9,037 $1,807
Kindergarten - 8th Grade
Discounted Active Parishioner Tuition Rates (2024-2025 school year/ August-May)

  Annual Biannual Monthly (10 payments)
1 student $5,610 $2,805 $561
2 students $9,800 $4,900 $980
3 students $13,800 $6,900 $1,380
Transitional KindergartenTuition Rates (2024-2025 school year/ August-May)
Students that are 4 years old before September, 1 2024 (tuition assistance available)
Program Monthly (10 payments)
1/2 Day Program, Mon-Fri, 8am-1pm $700
Full Day Program, Mon-Fri, 8am-2:45p $890
Annual Additional Fees / Fundraising Obligations
In addition to tuition, there are additional fees and mandatory fundraising activities that families are asked to contribute towards the annual education of their students. 
Additional Fees (2024-2025 school year)
  Grades TK-8
Registration Fee $400 (annual/non-refundable)
Capital Improvement Fee $500 (one time/new families only/installments available)
SJSEF $400 (annual donation per family/tax deductible)
8th Grade Graduation Fee $250 
Jr. High Chromebook  Varies (grades 6-8 need to purchase for school use)
Description of Additional Fees
Reregistration/Registration Fee (non-refundable/per student)
The registration fee of $400.00 per student is collected at registration time for returning and new students. A  non-refundable fee of $100.00 secures your child’s spot for the 2024 - 2025 school year. This fee is due by April 8, 2024. The remaining non- refundable registration fee of $300.00 will be billed through FACTS on June 3, 2024. The reregistration/registration fee helps cover the cost of textbooks, consumable material, program licensing, hardware, software, Gradelink subscription, health services, general art supplies and one yearbook per student. This fee is automatically collected via FACTS.
Capital Improvement Fee (one-time/per family)
The capital improvement fee is a non-refundable fee of $500.00 is due upon acceptance of student application to attend St. James School. This may be paid monthly, quarterly or in one payment via FACTS online tuition billing. This fee is assessed for each new family to contribute to recent, current, and future capital expenditures, such as maintenance and facility improvement.
St. James School Education Foundation (SJSEF) (donation/per family)
A $400.00 per family donation for the SJSEF is requested during each school year. This may be paid monthly, quarterly or in one payment via secure payment site. The SJSEF is an independent non-profit corporation 501(c)(3) that helps defray costs of all student enrichment programs, field trips, field trip transportation, Hands on Art, PE, Spanish, Music, counseling services, Student Resource Teacher. In addition, the SJSEF provides additional funding for school wide technology investments and special projects as needed. All donations are tax deductible.
Graduation Fee (8th grade)
A non-refundable fee of $250.00 is due from each 8th grade student. This fee includes a yearbook, class sweatshirt, and helps defray expenses for retreats, graduation lunch, graduation gown, diploma, and academic awards. End of year amusement parks will be a separate fee.
Jr. High Chromebooks and School Field Trips
  • iPads are provided for students in TK - 2nd Grade for at school use. 
  • Chromebooks are provided for students in 3rd - 5th Grade for at school use.
  • Jr. High students, grades 6-8, must purchase or provide their own student Chromebook for at school and home use.
  • Annual Jr High overnight field trips as well as other school field trips in all grades may incur additional cost throughout the year. 
Fundraising Responsibilities TK-8th Grades (2024-2025 school year)
  All Grades Description
Big Red Opportunity Drawing
$100 Buy/sell at least $100 in raffle tickets per family in November 2024
Spring Opportunity Drawing $100 Buy/sell at least $100 in raffle tickets per family in May 2025
Jog a Thon $50/student Have $50 in sponsor fees per student in February 2025
SCRIP Profit $250 Purchase SCRIP (gift cards) throughout the year equaling $250 profit per family
Total $500 any remaining balances are billed to FACTS
Volunteer Service Hours
Tuition does not cover the total cost of your child’s education. As a result, every family is required to fulfill 30 hours of service and participate in the following:  
Annual Parent Service (2024-2025 school year)
  All Grades Description
Yard Duty 4 hours or $100 Help at lunch recess for one hour, 4 times a year per family
School Service Hours 14 hours or $350 General volunteer hours (help in classroom, help at event, etc.)
Harvest Festival 12 hours or $720 Mandatory 12 Festival hours required per family or $60/hour. Additional fees of $25 during festival weekend for not arriving or staying at assigned volunteer spot. 
Total 30 hours or $1,170 any remaining balances are billed to FACTS
Incidentals and Other Miscellaneous Fees
Incidental charges including but not limited to sports, extended daycare and any additional activities will be assessed and billed through FACTS, Gradelink and other school payment systems based on participation.
School Uniforms
All students are required to wear the St. James School uniform. Uniform includes both daily uniform for boys and girls in addition to required PE uniform. All uniform clothing for students must be purchased from TBD. St. James School offers both a new and used uniform sale on campus at least once a year.