Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Schoolwide Learning Expectations: SLE’s

St. James School graduates are expected to be the following:

  1. Catholics who…

    1. Participate in their faith through prayer, worship, and service

    2. Know the history and teachings for the Catholic Church

    3. Believe in and exhibit strong moral principles

    4. Love one another by praying, sharing, and caring

  1. Academically Prepared Individuals who…

    1. Have mastered the basic skills in all areas of the curriculum

    2. Read and think critically

    3. Write and speak effectively

    4. Are able to organize and accomplish goals

    5. Use a variety of tools, including technology

  1. Respectful and Compassionate Individuals who…

    1. Are helpful, considerate, and caring of others

    2. Demonstrate Catholic Christian values in daily life

    3. Appreciate the differences in each other

  1. Globally Aware Citizens who…

    1. Are aware of current events and world affairs

    2. Recognize, respect and celebrate our diversity

    3. Accept responsibility for maintaining the world around us

  1. Well-rounded Individuals who…

    1. Have had a variety of religious, academic, and life experiences

    2. Are confident and self-disciplined

    3. Communicate effectively

    4. Are able to work independently and in a group

    5. Balance their religious, academic, and social lives effectively

  1. Life-long Learners who…

    1. Show curiosity and enthusiasm for learning

    2. Possess strong study skills

    3. Recognize and develop their own natural abilities

    4. Accept responsibility for all their choices