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Golf Tournament

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SJS Golf Tournament
Join Us For A Great Day Of Golf!!
Here is everything you need to know for our fundraising event: 
Thank you for registering for our Golf Tournament! The 2022 Golf Fundraiser will help our school upgrade campus commuication and safety equipment. The tournament is a 9 hole on June 17th at Harbor Park Golf Course. 
● The St. James Masters Golf tournament is open to groups up to 5 (Fivesome) or individuals. 
● Open to all members of our parish, school and friends of St. James School. All are welcome!
● Fees can be paid through FACTS tuition for school families registering to play.
● All fees include green fees. Walking only. Carts are available if you need for additional cost.
● Bird House Play where most birdies win. 
● Game is against each individual. Pot is split amongst top 3 winners. 
Additional golf format information:
Bird House Play
The player with most birdies wins!
$10 per player in the pot.
$20 = mulligan shots to use throughout the 9 holes.
1. Only 1 mulligan shot per hole. You cannot use more tham one extra shot per hole. 
2. Only 5 extra shots can be purchased at registration and used throughout the round.
3. Mulligan shots can only be used off the tee box and for putts.
4. All players participating must tee off from the blue tee box. 
5. Ladies that want to participate in 'pot play' must tee off from the 'ladies' red tee box.
Hole in One wins the pot!
Eagles are worth 2
Birdies worth 1
Pars will be the tie breaker
  • Each group should have 2 score cards
  • 1 card to score your regular play (if your group wants to)
  • Second card to score the 'pot play'. This card is to mark the score of par or better! Used to finalize score at the end of the round.