Yard Duty Schedule

All school families are asked to serve 4 yard duties minimum each school year as part of annual service hour obligations.
  • Yard duty is 12:30p-1:05p rain or shine. Parents are asked to help supervise students at lunch recess on the field, play structure and blacktop areas as well as assist students during lunchtime. Please avoid cell phone use at this time. 
  • Families receive 1 service hour per yard duty towards their total annual service hour requirements. 
  • Please arrive a little early before your scheduled yard duty to sign in at front office. 
  • If you cannot make your scheduled yard duty, please inform the main office and/or find a substitute parent available. 
  • There is a sign-up book in the front office or feel free to call/email the office to request yard duty dates. 
  • A minimum of 4 parents is needed per lunch yard duty.  
Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday Friday
Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday 
Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday